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Copy or Backup Settings
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If you want to update the SAMLight version on your PC, please first make a backup of the system (by copying the 8 files mentioned below to a place safe).

If you want to build up a new system on another PC with the same parameters as the old one - the SAMLight version may be different - , please first install the new SAMLight version and then copy the following 8 files from the old system folder to the new one:

sc_motion_<MOTION TYPE>_settings.txt (depends on the motion type defined in sc_motion_settings.txt, refer to Motion_Controller ).
sc_resource_sc_<LANGUAGE>.sam; Only required if the language is NOT english.

It is also necessary to copy the correction file - for example "cor_neutral.ucf" -  from the old system to the new one. The path of the correction file is defined in sc_light_settings.sam. Please refer, depending on the scanner controller card from chapter 3.3.2 to 3.3.8.