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Installing SAMLight
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Installing SAMLight:

Run sc_sam_setup_v_3_4_X_2015MMDD.exe and follow the instructions.


Administrator rights on the PC are necessary for the software installation. If you want to change the scaps installation path by a new installation, please uninstall the old version before completely. If necessary, make a backup of your scaps system folder, job and correction files before. It is also recommended to make a backup of these files after successful hard- and software setup.

Files / settings created by the setup:

The setup creates an environment variable SCAPS_SAM which is set to be the installation folder, by default it is C:\scaps\sam2d\.
sc_*.dll and sc_*.ocx files in \WINDOWS\system32\ (for 32bit) or \Windows\SysWOW64\ (for 64bit).
sam_light.exe in <SCAPS>\
sc_light_settings.sam → contains all program settings for SAMLight. It is recommended to make a backup of this file after setup. The file can be found in the folder <SCAPS>\system\.

Configuring SAMLight:

If SAMLight has been installed sucessfully on the PC the next step is to activate the software by connecting the dongle and / or USC cards. Therefore plug in the dongle in a free USB slot of the PC and / or connect the USC cards via USB cable. If you use RTC cards you should put them in a PCI slot of the PC ( if not already done ).

After connecting the hardware to the PC the system may take some time to install the drivers automatically. If you are not sure that the drivers are installed correctly you can check this with the Windows Device Manager. If using USC cards there should be the Jungo device present as well as an USC card entry. The USB dongle is activated if there is a CBUSB entry in the USB-Controller entry. If using a RTC card there should e an entry RTC... in the entry SCANLAB.

Now start the tool sc_setup.exe. You will be asked to enter the password for the connected dongle.


Figure 2: Password Dialog

You can also create a txt file sc_password.txt with the dongle specific password and store this within folder C:\scaps\sam2d\system. During first start, if the software does not find the sc_#_#.scl file, where #_# is the full dongle ID, it looks for sc_password.txt and automatically inputs the key stored here.


When using an old password, which consists only of  16 or 24 characters, please leave the text fields at the end empty.

There is a shortcut for entering the password: First select the password and press Ctrl-C (copy). Then click with the left mouse button on the first password entering field and press Ctrl-V (paste). Now press ENTER two times. The password should be entered correctly now.

In the menu Resource you can specify which language you want to use.